United Kingdom

Timothy O’Neil-Dunne
Head of Product

Timothy has a lifetime’s experience in the travel industry, and because he speaks seven times faster than most people and never sleeps, he’s become a highly sought after industry expert.

Paul Addy
General Manager

Paul has accumulated three lifetimes’ experience building large-scale data systems, including search engines that help you when you don’t know you’re looking for, advertising engines and industrial-grade travel reservation systems that don’t fail.

David Vis
Head of Design

David’s been designing booking systems since the first days of the Web. If you’ve booked travel, you’ve probably used something he’s designed. His own travel preference is by motorcycle.

Ian Reyner

Ian has 30 years' experience in consumer industries — the last 20 in travel. He has blazed a trail of success in Europe, Asia and North America.

Simon Russell
Solution Architect

Simon’s dived with sharks, jumped from planes and fallen into crevasses, all activities that have helped him prepare for the travel marketplace.

Richard Moss
Chief Technology Officer

Don't get between Rick and a technical puzzle; you will not survive. Nor does the technical puzzle.

Ashley Raiteri
Technical Advisor

Ashley’s worked with big machines and complex implementations his entire life. His output is directly related to his input of coffee, Red Bull and high-energy snacks.

Johnny O'Neill
Quality Assurance

Johnny's got seven years' worth of experience with complex and demanding projects, but his significant abilities are being pushed to the limit trying to keep his baby daughter amused.

Brett Jouvenaar
Lead Front End Developer

If you call Brett “Bretty,” he transforms himself from one of the most capable developers on the planet into a uncontrollable vengeance machine..

Paul Clifford
Operational Implementation


Regional Commercial Heads

Mildred Cheong
General Manager
Asia Pacific

Mildred speaks several languages and is based in Singapore, which is convenient since she's also a Formula 1 fan.

Gerry Oh
Advisor - Airlines & Commercial

Gerry's the airline well-being therapist when he is not playing his drums, analysing numbers and building teams. He has lived in five countries on four continents, calls Singapore home, but is hardly home most of the time.

Ignace Wirtz
Latin America