GREAT NEWS! Air Black Box Wins CAPA Award

10 28, 2016

Air Black Box Wins CAPA 2016 Innovation of the Year Award

AMSTERDAM, 27 Oct. 2016 - Air Black Box has won the 2016 CAPA Innovation of the Year Award, the second such award in as many months for the innovative start-up based in the United Kingdom.

CAPA says Air Black Box earned the accolade for innovative technology that allows airlines to connect with partner airlines for interlining, alliances and cooperative product sales in less time and at far lower cost than prior.

Air Black Box, whose stated aim is -Connecting Airlines to Sell Stuff,- has several patents pending on its technology. The company is credited with providing the software that made newly formed airline alliances like Asia-s Value Alliance a reality.

The awards ceremony was part of CAPA-s Aviation and Corporate Travel Summit held at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The CAPA Centre for Aviation was established in 1990 and provides market intelligence and services to the aviation industry. Its Airline Leader publication has 25,000 subscribers and it hosts C-level travel summits around the world.

Accepting the CAPA award was Timothy O-Neil-Dunne, an Air Black Box founder.

O-Neil-Dunne said that since signing its first clients earlier this year, -Air Black Box has established absolute market leadership- with a series of B2B and B2C tools and platform that provide its airlines- clients with efficiencies and cost benefits that were simply not available until now.

Airlines, particularly in Asia, have been quick to adopt Air Black Box-s Air Connection Engine (ACE) technology. It has allowed them to quickly and dramatically extend their route network through strategic partnerships. O-Neil-Dunne said Air Black Box has more airlines close to release and many more in the pipeline.

O-Neil-Dunne said -innovation from airlines comes from product- and that airlines have been constrained by their reservation and distribution technologies. He said Air Black Box frees airlines from these constraints, allowing them to bring full products to their customers - their own and their partners- services.

-Air Black Box-s ACE allows any airline reservation system to connect to any other airline system in days rather than years - irrespective of size or complexity. The number of airlines that have committed to using the Air Black Box platform is a testament to its utility.

-It's the right technology for the right time, and there-s nothing else like it,- O-Neil-Dunne said. About Air Black Box

Air Black Box was founded four years ago with an idea that has become the Air Connection Engine (ACE) platform. Based in the United Kingdom and with a publicly announced joint venture with Singapore Airlines, Air Black Box has in 24 months grown from its original core group of five employees to 40.

Air Black Box says it has a strong, multi-disciplinary team that has proven experience building large-scale, reliable, industrial-grade systems. The company-s executive team has top credentials in the travel industry.

The company says its team speaks -airline- and is global in its view and approach. Taken as a whole, the team encompasses 12 languages and its members have lived on five continents, company literature says.


Timothy O-Neil-Dunne
UK: +44 7770 33 81 75
US: +1 425 785 4457

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