Pretend for a moment that you are running IATA - what would you do about airline distribution?

07 15, 2013

In many quarters IATA is being demonized for promoting the very idea of a new distribution platform for airlines.

It seems that there are many - individuals and organisations - that believe IATA has transgressed mightily from its usual existing role in promoting the concept of its New Distribution Capability-service.

Plenty is being written (both here in a number of comment threads on Tnooz and elsewhere) to rubbish at least one of the following:

  • The concept
  • The process
  • The politics
  • The application to gain US Department of Transportation approval
  • The lack of participation by "the industry"
  • The destruction of the GDSs.

It would seem that the prophets of doom have forecast the end of the world as we know it. And perhaps this is a step along the way.

Rather than continue the negativity that came along in response to my two-part-article on the subject, instead let me turn to a more positive point of view and ask the question here:

What would you do if you were running IATA?

There was quite a lot of opportunity for individual punters to submit comments to the DoT's receipt of application from IATA (you can read all the comments here).

But as this is a matter of public record, it could be something that many didn't want to do.

So, let's for a second say that I had a magic wand (thanks Kev) and I gave all of you the power this week to tell Tnooz (and indeed IATA) what you would do if you were in their position.

I will add a few ground rules to this process:

  • Your constructive position - try and make this as positive as possible. Remember that it must be as if you were IATA with all the constraints AND opportunities you would have if you were running IATA.
  • A justification for the position you are advocating for IATA
  • If you wish, please submit comments anonymously. Please email your comments to Kevin May-(his decision on publication will be final).

A format that addresses the position as follows:

  • Pick the element you wish to focus on - it can be: the idea of NDC, the technical solution, the industry position, the process for NDC, whether NDC is necessary or not, etc.
  • State the position as clearly as you can
  • Provide your rationale for it

Oh yes and try and keep your comments below 250 words if you can. Bullet points are fine. Fire up the grill, grab a glass of whatever will inspire you.

Finally, to help along the way, Aleks Popovich from IATA gave a presentation at the SITA Information Summit. He has kindly given me permission to show his last slide for IATA's vision of the connected traveller.

Just look at this slide as a way perhaps to inspire your thinking.

Also I suggest hopping over to the World Economic Forum and catching up on the latest on the Connected World project.

Cheers and thanking you in advance.

NB: Boss door worker image via Shutterstock.

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