Who We Are

We're on a mission to revolutionise connectivity in the travel industry.

Our Story

In 2012, our team took on the modest task of building a universal reservations connection engine for the travel industry that was cost-effective and easy to implement.

We discovered very quickly why this hadn't been done before: devising a system that would allow any airline to connect to another airline was extremely complex. It took five years, but we did it.

The Air Black Box Travel Connection Platform untangles the complex web of interlining, code-sharing, self-connecting passengers, regulations, as well as inconsistent data formatting, product choices and service levels. The Travel Connection Platform is available in any number of implementations from a fully-documented API to a complete, turn-key, branded e-commerce solution.

Our Vision

Air Black Box helps eliminate technical roadblocks that prevent airlines from adapting to constantly changing market conditions. Air Black Box makes it possible for airlines to form cooperative alliances, reach a broader audience, and build their brands in an increasingly competitive and dynamic marketplace.

At Air Black Box, we believe in a world where connections between all travel providers are possible. We are revolutionizing the way individuals interact with the industry.