Travel Connection Platform
for Airlines

Add connections, adapt to market changes, sell extras directly and
create flexible booking systems in your brand environment.

Travel Connection Platform Features

Our Patented Software Customises to Your Needs

Increase Direct Conversion

Stop letting money slip through your fingers. With Travel Connection Platform, you can sell partner ancillaries from your own website – including seat assignments, bags, food and much more.

Seamless Integration

Our platform easily connects with all PSS platforms. Implementation takes weeks instead of months, no matter how many partners are in your alliance. Also, because Travel Connection Platform was built with industry standards in mind, your platform will remain compliant with IATCI, NDC, One Order, and more.

Future Scalability

Travel Connection Platform’s agility makes it easy to expand your alliance, create new partnerships and market new offers. This is a solution with room to grow.

Customised to Your Airline

Whether you’re a small airline looking to offer more routes, serve more customers and create alliances, or a large airline in search of agile industry-leading technology, we will customise Travel Connection Platform to fit your needs.

"Airlines should be interested in Air Black Box because it is increasingly clear that API-based distribution is the way of the future. Only Air Black Box allows airlines in any location and using any technology platform to harness the power of APIs to deliver business advantage."

Ian Tunnecliffe,Principal
IFT Consulting Ltd.

Do you have questions?

Not sure how Air Black Box can help your airline?

Air Black Box software allows you to quickly and easily form industry alliances, cooperate on routes and sell both your product and theirs — including seats, baggage, meals and specialized services — all under your brand.
Essentially none, the Air Black Box Travel Connection Platform suite of applications sits separate and apart from your existing infrastructure. Your investment in your existing PSS is safeguarded.
Yes, you can. This is one of the core functionalities offered by Air Black Box Travel Connection Platform. You can sell seats individually, or by service class, even if your seat definitions and pricing scales are completely different than your partners' definitions.
If you decide to offer trip protection to your passengers, our system can offer support, and rebook automatically, or allow the passenger to rebook, depending on the rules you establish.
No, it is not. You will be amazed by how little Travel Connection Platform costs and how quickly we can get the platform to work for you.