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We live and travel in an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world, and yet there are more possibilities than there are solutions to air travel. Passengers are overwhelmed by choice, airline visibility is dominated by the bigger carriers, and many airports lose out on both passenger and carrier services due to being outside of the preferred flow of air traffic routes.

Air Black Box was founded to turn these possibilities into solutions. Building new, innovative interlining technologies, we have designed a fast, secure, flexible, and cost-effective way to revolutionize the air travel landscape. We’ve made itineraries as unique as the passenger booking them. We’re offering ultra-low-cost and low-cost carriers a chance to be a viable and appealing option alongside the bigger carriers. We’re expanding the air traffic landscape to new routes and new airports.

At Air Black Box, we can give everyone a solution.


" We’ve spent a great deal of time creating solutions for airlines to efficiently grow their business while offering stellar customer service. For us, the two go hand in hand."

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