In 2012, prompted by our decades’ of frustration working within the travel distribution industry, and fueled by lots of coffee and a large supply of whiteboard, we set about the modest task of building a universal reservations connection engine for the travel industry that would be cost-effective and easy to implement.

We discovered very quickly why this hadn’t been done before: Devising a system that would allow any airline to connect to anyone else was stupendously complex. It took five years, but we did it. The Air Black Box system has been awarded a patent.

It’s marketed as the Panther platform, and it’s available in any number of implementations from a fully-documented API to a complete, turn-key, branded e-commerce solution.

Panther solves the tangle of airline interlining, code-shares, self-connecting passengers, different regulations and data protection requirements, different data formats and definitions, the alignment products and service levels — everything.

Sign on with Panther now and you’ll be congratulating yourself for years for a decision well-taken.

The latest

ABB, now headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom, provides the technology behind the largest low-cost carrier alliance in the world: Value Alliance. And while that’s impressive in itself, it’s what the technology does to make it all possible that’s really impressive.

ABB’s platform connects to any number of reservation systems and passenger service systems to form a cohesive network of routes and services for all partners. The system also rationalises sometimes wildly disparate data into an organised collection of products that can be sold as one, at one time.

You could say the Value Alliance’s decision to go with Panther was an easy one, since nothing else exists to do the job — certainly not with the degree of integration they sought.

Today the Value Alliance catchment spans more than half the world’s population. Its nearly 200 aircraft flew nearly 50 million passengers last year in an area that covers the farthest corners of Asia Pacific, and into the Middle East and Europe.

Value Alliance airlines provide their products in a fully integrated environment. Those products, be they seats, meals, baggage allowances, pre-flight or in-flight goodies, can be created and priced, bundled or not, blocked, packaged, grouped into special offers — whatever — completely at the airline’s discretion.

Want to put your airline into hyperdrive? Talk to us; we have the accelerator.

ABB Panther: There’s nothing like it.