What we do for whom

Full-service carriers

  • Frustrated by technology that prevents your passengers from booking seats on your partners’ flights?
  • Concerned about your passengers self-connecting themselves into oblivion?
  • Unclear about how to reconcile and rationalise different products and baggage allowances and extras with partners?
  • Annoyed by constantly hearing: “Our GDS doesn’t support that”?
  • Annoyed by the high costs of making simple changes to your selling system?
  • Need access to an API that allows you to pick and choose what you want and how you want to use it?

Low-cost carriers

  • Concerned about survival against bigger, stronger competitors?
  • Searching for a cost-effective, fast and easy solution to interlining?
  • Need to rapidly expand your network through partnerships?
  • Want solutions that don’t force you to scrap or modify your existing PSS?
  • Concerned about safeguarding your presence and branding within a broader alliance?
  • Need access to an API that allows you to pick and choose what you want and how you want to use it?
  • Need to get your product out to metasearch engines (rather than letting them freely grab it from you and control your product)?
  • Want a solution that allows you to easily partner with ticketless or ticketed airlines?

Other travel providers

  • Are you a travel agent or tour operator and travel service provider that needs an easy-to-use tool to build viable itineraries from any range and variety of airline providers ?
  • Do you have a reservation system connectivity challenge that no one’s been able to solve ?
  • Are you a travel technology company that needs content, inventory or connectivity in a manner that requires no changes to your existing infrastructure?


  • Worried about being a marginal player in a central role?
  • Want to support and assist the self-connecting passenger?
  • Want to streamline baggage operations during flight transfers?

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