Air Black Box’s Travel Connection Platform is the travel industry’s first cross-brand solution that overcomes the challenges associated with existing outdated and ineffective industry systems to enable the connection, sharing and cross-selling of travel product inventory, regardless of carrier type or PSS platform.








The Travel Connection Platform is comprised of multiple innovative applications, each designed to solve a different travel connection need.  All applications can be deployed on a standalone basis, or as part of an integrated product suite.

 TRAVEL Settle

Efficient funds settlement for multi-brand travel

An automated settlement and clearing system for all transactions occurring on the Travel Connection Platform.  Addressing and reconciling the different requirements of FSCs and LCCs, TRAVEL Settle simplifies the funds settlement process to distribute revenue splits on combined routes and services and provide quick access to funds. When sales transactions are processed via TRAVEL Settle, proceeds are split and remitted to supplier in near-real time. 


Dynamic pricing engine

A dynamic price management system, TRAVEL Price provides “true” dynamic pricing without sacrificing margins.  It automatically adjusts the pricing of products based on pre-established business rules in real time.   

 TRAVEL Promote

Distressed inventory marketplace

A distressed inventory merchandising platform that enables airlines to identify and package unsold and distressed inventory, price and distribute that inventory to metasearch engines, OTAs and generic search engines – dynamically and in real time. 


Search & book reservations engine

A unified brand experience where travelers can search for, shop, purchase and manage itineraries and ancillary items.  The internet booking engine (“IBE”) has back-end connectivity to airline suppliers and has a simple web IBE redirect for service delivery or web service APIs for custom buy-flow integrations. 


Selling system & ancillary database

An ancillary database and selling system that works in conjunction with TRAVEL Connect to introduce ancillary offerings into the purchase flow, and to facilitate the packaging, bundling, and unbundling of products.

TRAVEL Connect

Cross-brand connection and product creation

Managed Interlining service that aligns, defines and productises routes and flights based on intelligent integrations with airlines’ core systems. Airlines can create practical route pairs and match ancillary products and rules, such as cabin class, baggage, meals. TRAVEL Connect eliminates intermediaries and interline e-ticket servers, enables any airline to cross-sell any other airline’s inventory, regardless of airline type or reservation system, and enables sales to be made with or without tickets. Unlike other solutions on the market, TRAVEL Connect takes a fully integrated approach to interlining, enabling visibility across the entire itinerary, assurance of regulatory compliance and cost savings for both passengers and airlines through the creation of one master PNR.

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