ABB’s Panther is designed to de-complexify air travel.

Our patented digital selling platform puts the fun back into travel by removing technology as an obstacle, by removing friction from the process, by allowing travellers to get to the good stuff faster.

Panther makes it easy for any travel provider with any reservation system to connect and cooperate with any other provider to sell one another’s products as part of a larger, integrated network.

Your guests will love you for it. They get more choice, more flexibility, better prices, better service.

Panther for airlines

A comprehensive set of tools available in whole or in part and in a range of implementations from a turn-key reservations system to a thoroughly documented API that allows you to sell the way you want.

  • Easily enable connections and virtual interlining with any number of airline partners and alliances across languages, across borders, across continents;
  • Expand your market presence and footprint quickly and at low cost;
  • Sell any number of ancillaries — seats, meals, baggage, wifi, pre and post-boarding services — on both your flights and your partner’s flights, all while maintaining brand integrity;
  • Automatically handle all disbursements to all providers, satisfying all regulatory requirements through any channel on any schedule in any currency;
  • Bring the self-connecting passenger back into the fold;
  • Connect to inventory and product in any reservation system quickly and easily without making changes to your own PSS;
  • Provide your travellers, your guests, with a greater range of products and services;
  • Distribute your products to metasearch engines rather than letting them dictate what you sell.

Panther for airports

A version of Panther specifically tuned for airports.

  • Play a greater role as a meaningful transit point for air travellers;
  • Provide services to the fast-growing self-connecting passenger market;
  • Streamline ground and baggage handling services;
  • Better predict passenger traffic and transit passenger service opportunities;
  • Take a more pro-active role with your airline clients.

Panther for all

Panther provides technical solutions to any range of players, for example:

  • For travel agents: a technical solution — online or offline — to build itineraries on two or more airlines that may or may not be part of an alliance;
  • For tour providers: combine your product with air segments either as add-ons between flight segments or as the central product with flights appended;
  • For surface transport providers: connect your inventory and product to air schedules or sell your product as part of a complete package;
  • For online services: expand your offer with ABB’s connection engine, which provides viable itineraries to more places.