At the core of our platform is ABB’s TripConductor. With so many individual reservation systems not fully capable of interlining on their own, TripConductor unifies and manages the interlining process within a single Internet Booking Engine (IBE). It also offers airlines and travel providers powerful tools to control either individual or bundled product pricing and distribution.

ARM distribution

ABB adheres strictly to ARM distribution standards established by IATA. ARM allows us to standardize, create and distribute a vast array of airline and travel products for sale individually or as part of a bundle. The platform was engineered from the outset to be fast, reliable and simple to use. Airlines and travel providers control all product attributes, pricing and where and with whom they want to sell.

GDS automation

We provide airlines with high-level connectivity into all major GDS’ thanks to our own GDS subhosting. Completely touchless and automated, it allows for ARM to GDS interlining to expose the full functionality of GDS beyond bookings to upload fares and schedules to ATPCO and OAG, respectively. Perhaps most importantly, it combines the power of a GDS booking engine with a modern, user-friendly interface.


ABB’s Air Connection Engine — ACE — allows you to automatically combine your flight inventory with that of any number of other airlines, all without cumbersome interlining agreements. ACE assembles viable connecting itineraries — with matching ancillaries and related travel products — that can be sold with all the guarantees and protections of traditional interlining without any formal agreements or the usual overhead. Flights sold as a single itinerary also means no departure and arrival taxes if the passenger stays airside — resulting in a more competitive offer to the passenger.

ThruBag baggage handling

ABB has solved one of the most common problems for self-connecting passengers: baggage handling. Our patent pending ThruBag™ service means passengers check their bags once at the start of the trip, regardless of the type or range of airlines supporting the itinerary. In addition to offering greater convenience for passengers, ThruBag™ also prevents misaligned baggage allowances between airlines and reduces the chance of missed connections. With passengers spending less time in security lines and re-checking bags, airports further benefit through increased revenue opportunities in terminal services.

Disruption management

Delays happen. ABB’s ConnectProtect is designed to check itineraries for disruptions from the airline, airport, or passenger. If things go wrong, ConnectProtect provides viable options to the passenger through either our customer service team or the airline. ConnectProtect offers a full suite of tools and services that allow the airline to decide the degree of automation it requires.


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