Our team is proud of what it’s built. We’ve got a combined 36 issued and pending patents — the culmination of nine years of continuous development by people who know what it takes to build a mission-critical system. We’ve listened to our clients. Today’s ABB platform is rearchitected, cloud-native, globally deployed, and is designed to be resilient, simple to use and blazingly fast.

As security and privacy concerns continue to grow in an increasingly interconnected world, we’ve dedicated ourselves to protecting customer data – passenger, airline, airport. ABB encrypts data in-transit, can de-identify sensitive content, and provides built-in data localization to ensure full regulatory compliance around the globe.

Front-end product layer

ABB’s ARM-compliant distribution layer enables searching, shopping and management of interline content through direct and OTA channels.

Searchable data layer

In response to shopping requests, the ABB system quickly and seamlessly combines flights and ancillaries to generate unique interline itineraries which you can configure to align with your business rules.

System integration layer

ABB draws its inventory from a broad range of network airlines, low-cost carriers, surface transport providers, and other vendors using direct PSS connections and aggregators.


An industry advantage

Air Black Box
ARM certification
ARM 20.1, Level 4 certified (full offer & order management); ARM-native architecture.
Through-checked bags on separate PNRs, PSS/DCS-agnostic
GDS connectivity
Single or multi-merchant
Single merchant (OTA)
In-house payment provider
Splitting of single customer payment
Flexible merchant-of-record management
Disruption management
Parametric Insurance, MMB self-service, automatic rebook, reprotection inventory, service center.
Service center
Service center
Super PNR
Inventory sources
PSS, aggregators, GDS.
PSS, aggregators, GDS.
PSS, GDS, web scraping.
In development
Sales channels
API/SDK, ARM 20.1,
parameterized white label.
Distribution API, white label. website, white label IBE,
API for agency use.
Metasearch Support
Flight options
Virtual interline, point-to-point, mixed directs, managed interlining.
Virtual interline
Point-to-point, legacy interline,
virtual Interline.
Pricing options
Airline-based pricing:
sum of sectors, through pricing,  private fares, custom allocation, dynamic, opaque, full ARM offer support for FSC round-trip fares in combination with LCC one-way fares.
Airline-based pricing:
sum of sectors.
Agency-based pricing:
sum of sectors.


At the center of Air Black Box’s capabilities is TripConductor. It is ARM distribution allows travel products to be defined and sold in far greater detail than in the past. TripConductor allows us to rapidly match and price a wide variety of travel products into compelling packages.

The system automatically ensures that ancillaries across all flight segments are consistent to satisfy any airport’s minimum connection times or to match baggage weight allowances between one airline’s flight and the next. Whether an ultra-low-cost, low-cost or full-service carrier, any airline supporting the itinerary can sell the full range of ancillaries available on each other’s flights.

ABB's TripConductor is a global enabler of IATA ARM Distribution “As a Service.”

TripConductor is deployed in the cloud:

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  • Highly adaptable design with multiple points of entry to protect against data center disruptions;
  • Highly scalable design adapts to system load, no matter where the load comes from;
  • Built-in adherence to data storage localization regulations: data is saved in specific locations and will default to those closest to booking point of sale, allowing it to conform to whatever local data protection regulations apply.

TripConductor can create the offer, the order and ticketing management using ARM APIs.

TripConductor is a simplified vendor inventory distribution marketplace using an industry standard API:

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  • We provide the full functionality of a virtual PSS;
  • We combine global vendor inventory into a consistent interface so you don’t have to;
  • You get to use your own business rules and system dashboard to manage inventory distribution and pricing.

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best: flying passengers and cargo.

You control what inventory you want to expose and its price.

We get along with others

Our virtual PSS integrates with airline systems and GDS’s to generate a “super PNR”, which can be accessed by the passenger, supporting airlines, or customer service centers. Even better, all of this functionality adheres to your business rules and branding preferences.

Most importantly, our system allows you to communicate directly with your customer for disruption mitigation, targeted upgrades, marketing programs, and future travel opportunities.

We get along with GDSs

While distribution through a GDS has clear benefits, the barriers to entry can be significant. ABB offers its own GDS subhosting with a high-level connection into GDS. Your airline's inventory can be easily added under the W2 aegis.

ABB provides deep automation capabilities to manage all communications between your PSS and GDS. The airline manages the connection using the ABB Air Admin configuration tool.

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You define the inventory that gets listed in the GDS.

This inventory is made available within ABB GDS subhosting:

  • Individual airline does not have to qualify to list inventory under GDS.
  • This inventory can be limited to distribution in a particular region or by a specific partner.

Automatically upload schedules to OAG and fare information to ATPCO.

Automatically handle all translation and communication between the airline PSS and GDS, including all updates.


Implementation options

The Air Black Box platform is powerful, but also designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. It allows you to quickly expand your distribution reach, your customer base, your network partnerships, and, by extension, your revenue. We provide three options:

We do it
You get an ABB-hosted “White label” website. This customizable interline booking engine website for multi-vendor interlining is designed with your airline branding.
We help you do it
The ABB ACE JavaScript SDK can be invoked from within the airline IBE for direct client-side integration.
You do it all
You access a standard ARM API that can be linked from the airline back-end or PSS for server-side integration.

Key Benefits

Next-generation, cloud-native, scalable e-commerce platform with vendor-branded front-end with interlining booking engine.

Globally deployed, multi-vendor, API-driven ARM distribution layer.

A virtual PSS through TripConductor.

Flexible single-merchant payment model with rapid settlement.

Future-proof foundation with almost limitless possibilities through global ARM marketplace.

Secure, fast multi-tenant solution.

Secured data at-rest and in-motion using encryption and transport layer security (TLS).

Fast graph database with an in-memory cache maintained in a format compatible with ARM to minimize translation overhead when responding to ARM API requests.

Mission accomplished

The Air Black Box mission was to remove all obstacles that prevent travel providers and airlines from distributing their products to the global marketplace, and we’ve done just that. However, distribution is only one piece of the solution. Pricing is another. We provide powerful pricing tools for all sorts of strategies – visible or opaque, fixed or flexible. We provide true dynamic pricing that can be keyed to time and date, load, selling trends, modified upward or downward based on partner or channel or both.

Mission accomplished.


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